Polish for Pennies: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blazed

Hi and welcome to Polish for Pennies, a segment in which I review budget polishes to determine if they’re worth your money. Today, I have for you, Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blazed. I love Wet n Wild polishes in general. They were the only polishes I could afford when I was a kid and I love the range of colors they have. On to the review…


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Meeting Time

It’s Sin Bin time again, and today let’s meet Let’s Meet! This is another core collection color, although when I saw it in the display I noticed something—namely that there are TWO! The one that I own is a plain creme and the other one is a shimmer. I’m not sure if one is more recent than the other, if it was a rerelease, or a reuse of the name. Here’s some comparison bottle shots.

IMG_5060 IMG_5059 IMG_5062

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Polish for Pennies: NYC Long Wearing Skyline Blue

Hello all and welcome to the second installation of Polish for Pennies. Today I have for your viewing pleasure NYC Long Wearing Skyline Blue. I have to preface this review by saying I really, really don’t like this polish. In fact, this was the polish that inspired me to do this series. I wanted to show that cheap polishes can be fantastic and wonderful, but this is definitely not always the case.  With that out of the way, on to the review…

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Boogie Down!

Welcome to The Sin Bin, where we try to find a cheaper alternative to some pricier polishes. We’ve all encountered the Sinful Colors rack at stores, typically for $1.99 (.99 if it’s on sale) but beyond some of the more creative glitters such as the recent Love Sprinkles and Shamrockin!, most blogs turn their noses up at reviewing this cheap brand in favor of more expensive mainstream brands and indies. I want to remedy this, so The Sin Bin is here to show off color, formula, and (if we’ve got ’em) any dupes to higher-priced or less attainable polishes.
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My Journey Begins…Tomorrow!

Hello all, Ms. Cannibal here! As of this past February I’m officially middle aged–and I’m over it already. That is to say, midlife crisis time!!!

I should preface this with: I have a good job. A career even, with full benefits, 4wks vacation, and a pension (a motherfucking pension!!!).  But, well, I’m bored.

Enter my love of nail art and polish.

So I’ve decided to start going to night school!  When I was little, my father went to night school. He became a lawyer!  This isn’t nearly as lofty, but a lot more fun IMO…I’m going to go to cosmetology school, specifically to become a certified Nail Technician!  <cue the applause>

But seriously, I’m pretty stoked!

The first step was locating a school within a reasonable distance from me. As I live in NYC, that was fairly easy as there are several. I’ve picked Christine Valmy, as they’re located in Manhattan and had some pretty strong reviews.

The next step starts tomorrow, when I take a physical tour of the school and meet with an admissions advisor–Erica.  We already had a lovely chat on the phone, but meeting her in person and touring the school will cement this dream into a reality.  I can’t wait!

Drug Store Sales of the Week!

Here’s some drug store sales to get you through this week! (April 4th through 11th)

Rite Aid: Revlon polish is 2/$4. All Wet and Wild cosmetics are 40% off, to include the Fergie nail polish brand.

Walgreens: Nothing nail related this week. Sorry!

CVS:  All Revlon Kiss Artificial nails are BOGO. All Milani cosmetics are BOGO, includes nail polish. All Wet and Wild cosmetics are BOGO, including nail polish.

Target Cartwheel: 10% Revlon nail polish. 5% off Up and Up nail polish remover.

If you have any sales that I don’t know about, or you’d like me to include other stores, let me know in the comments!