The fuck does THAT mean?

A dictionary of terms and phrases used by crazy polish bitches to talk about this stuff.

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  • Holo – Short for “Holographic”. Creates a rainbow effect.
  • HTF – Hard to find
  • Hungry – A polish that requires many layers of topcoat to feel smooth to the touch, typically a glitter polish.
  • Jelly – A semi-sheer polish with a thicker, more syrupy consistency; level of opacity varies and most jellies leave some level of VNL even with multiple coats. Example: China Glaze Ride the Waves (…/J_-5RmmJTq0/s1600/DSCN5046.JPG)
  • Jelly Sandwich – When a glitter topcoat is “sandwiched” between layers of a jelly nail polish so it appears to be floating. Example: With heart glitter (…/3Q6U…/s1600/jelly-hearts2.jpg)
  • Lemming – The act of lusting over a bottle of polish you cannot currently obtain.
  • Nubs – Nails that have little to no free edge.
  • Nubbinize – To file or cut down nails until they have little to no free edge, often caused by a break on one fingernail and a desire to keep all nails even.

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  • Ombre – Manicure whereby each nail on a hand is painted a progressively lighter shade of the same colour. Example:
  • Skittle – Manicure where each nail is painted a different color.
  • Skittlette – Manicure involving 2 accent nails and the remaining nails painted different colors. Can also go 2 accent, 2 another color, 1 another color. (This is the best definition I can find online. Still being discussed.)
  • Undies/Underwear – An opaque polish worn beneath a glitter topcoat, effect topcoat, or sheer polish to give full opacity to the manu and/or complement a glitter topcoat.

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