Polish for Pennies: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blazed

Hi and welcome to Polish for Pennies, a segment in which I review budget polishes to determine if they’re worth your money. Today, I have for you, Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blazed. I love Wet n Wild polishes in general. They were the only polishes I could afford when I was a kid and I love the range of colors they have. On to the review…


wet n wild blazed

I know the bottle says NEW but it’s not a new color.  I think that they’re trying to hype their new bottle shape which I actually have an opinion on. Ready? I think the new bottle sucks. When I was in store this thing gave me…issues. The bottle was just thin enough to slip through the cracks of the shopping cart so I spent the entire time holding the bottle in my hand and worrying that I would accidentally slip it into my pocket without thinking and I’d get caught for shop lifting. Or something. Anyway the bottle is slightly beveled so it likes to slide towards the edge of the cart and go between the bars to suicide off. The old bottles were thicker and didn’t have this problem.

bottle width
New and old Wild Shine bottles.

Painting conditions: RH 45% and 72 °F. The fan was on while I was painting and may have caused a few issues.

Formula: The formula is okay fringing on good. The first layer went on very evenly and was easy to control with the brush. One note, the brush was on the stiff side and I had to trim bits of my brush off because it had been mangled and looked like a cactus. A lot of Wet n Wild polishes have shitty brushes (I feel like at least 1 out of every 5 bottles). I don’t know if this is an issue from production or people popping these things open to swatch them in-store. I forgot to check this one in-store before I bought it. The second layer was a little difficult to spread, I believe this was caused by the air conditioning being on during painting. Either way, it was a little streaky so I decided on a third coat. If you’re careful, I think you can get away with two coats. The color saturation is good at that point. There was a minimal amount of bubbling, again, that I believe to be the fault of the a/c. I had to make my last coat very thick so it would stay wet while I smoothed it out. The finish is very shiny and the polish dried quickly so I didn’t do a top coat for this.

Here are pictures of the painting process.

It’s a pretty flattering color on me and easy to work with.

bottleshotConcluding thoughts: I paid $0.99 for this 0.41 fl oz (12.3 mL) bottle. The color is nice, the finish is shiny and the polish is easy to work with. Really, the only complaint I had was the brush, which could have been avoided if I had been more attentive while shopping. Definitely worth the money.

Apologizes for the long pause between this article and the previous one. I had a few out-of-town trips and the time slipped away from me. I’ll aim for getting two of these articles out a month. I think that’s a pace I can work with that’ll allow me to also wear the polishes I want. If anyone has polishes they’d like to see swatched, please comment below and I’ll see if they’re in my area. Thanks for reading!