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Boogie Down!

Welcome to The Sin Bin, where we try to find a cheaper alternative to some pricier polishes. We’ve all encountered the Sinful Colors rack at stores, typically for $1.99 (.99 if it’s on sale) but beyond some of the more creative glitters such as the recent Love Sprinkles and Shamrockin!, most blogs turn their noses up at reviewing this cheap brand in favor of more expensive mainstream brands and indies. I want to remedy this, so The Sin Bin is here to show off color, formula, and (if we’ve got ’em) any dupes to higher-priced or less attainable polishes.
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Polish for Pennies: Maybelline Color Show Green with Envy

Hello all and welcome to the inaugural post of a segment I’d like to call Polish for Pennies. My goal is to provide reviews and swatches of polishes that can be found in supermarkets and drugstores. I find that cheaper polishes are often skipped over in blogs in favor of high end or indie nail polishes. While I am a shameless lover of indie brands, I am also a notorious cheapskate and love going through the aisles at the grocery store in search of a beautiful Wet n Wild or Sally Hansen. Nothing makes me happier than to leave with a handful of polishes for under $5. I will mostly avoid Revlons as one of my friends will focus her segment on those so look forward to it! All pictures are as is downloaded from my camera. Any image correction will be noted below the image. Now…on with the review.

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