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But these days, most brand new cars have gas injection machines being electronically controlled by the ECU (engine control device). This little computer is central to the fuel combustion process. The program in the ECU controls all areas of fuel delivery and timing, therefore modifying the program could be the rational place to start if you are wanting to enhance engine performance.

If you are tuning the motor in a pre-2000 model 12 months vehicle, the way that is only alter the ECU software is to replace the EPROM chip in the ECU. But, newer vehicles have an ECU with integral software with no detachable chip. Of these automobiles, ECU reprogramming -- or ECU remapping, since it's more commonly called -- can be achieved through the aboard Diagnostic port without managing the delicate engine elements.

Vehicle manufacturers are often conservative within the real way they tune their cars. They program the ECU to restrict engine performance to one thing well below what the automobile is built to manage. Which means that modern machines hold a surprising quantity of untapped potential that is waiting to be released. Remapping the ECU is an efficient and safe automobile tuning method whenever done properly by a skilled professional -- and also the terms "skilled professional" can not be overemphasised!

Turbo diesel cars will be the most useful prospects for ECU remapping. The advantages is impressive: energy gains as high as 35%, fuel cost savings all the way to 20per cent. This means faster throttle response, better acceleration, fewer gear changes, smoother driving, and extra money in your pocket in driving terms. ECU remapping can also be worthwhile for normally aspirated and petrol-fueled vehicles, nevertheless the gains vary and it's better to weigh the huge benefits on a case-by-case foundation.
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• One for the manipulations associated with the remapping results in an increase in the turbo boost which escalates the effectiveness and speed for the vehicle.

• not just does it enhance the throttle response but it addittionally leads to a smoother and improved power distribution.

• It also offers an improved rev range and increased MPG during 'normal' driving.

Hence remapping is advantageous provided done right.

With therefore restrictions that are many on cars, as a result of many drivers neglecting to just take their vehicles to be serviced, it is extremely difficult to find cars being a pleasure to push. Nevertheless, tuning your car's engine, whether it's petrol or diesel, will transform your entire driving experience. ECU remapping can provide you the pleasure of low fuel usage while enjoying performance that is optimum.