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Episode Choose Your Story is a mobile video game, based upon your Choices. You can read/play a story through your personalized personality (as your own self in the story). It is more likely a simulation game based upon your choices. That suggests the personalities in the stories are going to act as per the choice you have provided to behave. Because this is a simulation game, Episode Choose Your Story provides you a possibility to "Stay" those stories through presuming "You" as a character in these stories. Every story possesses its own special characters and you need to have to personalize your character for each and every new story you play. The choices you create in the game is going to directly perform on the in-story situation; that indicates you are certainly ruling the story as per your decisions, Web Site.

The Function of Gems and Passes in the Game

Gems and Passes are actually the in-game currency of this game. We require all of them in order to move-on in the game.


Gems are actually used to make certain choices which are very important however successful in the stories. These selections or choices are incredibly essential as they may deliver your story with happiness or even they can easily also spoiled it in a single choice. This is actually the main reason why these choices are paid for ones and our team require to spend specific amount of Gems to choose that specific selection.

Gems are additionally used to unlock numerous stories for you. You may also utilize gems to customize your personality in the story along with attractive outfit and physical body appeal.


Passes are actually nothing but your ticket to read/play the phases of the episode. To read through one chapter in the video game, you require one elapsed. The chapter is a collection of story episodes coming from begin to the end.

There are actually a variety of bona fide ways to acquire these gems and masquerades cost-free in your profile and always keep continuing your stories in the video game. Permit us have a look at exactly how to get free gems and masquerades episode choose your story game, Website.

Write Your Very Own Stories & Make Money Coming From Episode:

Did you know, the other option for preparing your own cash to buy passes and gems is to come to be a writer in episode family and obtain an odds to earn some real money for yourself.

Yes, you can likewise create some interesting stories and obtain published it on the game easily. Only start composing your very own stories making use of Episodes Mobile Developer and after composing couple of episodes, move your story to the games Writer Gateway Site for small enhancements and ultimate permission.

The moment your stories are accepted, they are instantly released on the video game app. Having said that, there are particular conditions to become a paid writer at Episode, those are actually:

You ought to be at least thirteen years of age to start your creating with episode.
You should be at least 18 years of age to get paid for your stories.
You need to possess your own personal computer or laptop computer with net link to create your stories.
A smart phone for the screening of your stories.

Control Your Emotional states-- It is actually an Activity
We should not overlook that after all it's a video game and we are associating with the personalities of the virtual game and not along with the actual characters of your lifestyle. Since most of the video game customers are actually listed below the ordinary age of 25, the emotions and looks they have experienced in the stories are actually at times sad and mood rotating.

It is actually strongly suggested that you need to control yourself coming from obtaining involved in the scenario of the video game in any kind of price. Nothing is actually more important than your personal lifestyle.

The game has actually also dedicated a particular part of its own aid section to Safety Concerns. Don't fail to remember to read this part initially.

Ultimate Terms
Today we have actually found out the real episode hack and cheats to secure free gems and passes in the game. There are great deals of true and legitimate techniques our team have described in order to get complimentary sources for your profile quickly.