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Episode Choose Your Story is actually a mobile game, based upon your Choices. You can easily read/play a story with the help of your tailored character (as your own self in the story). It is actually more probable a simulation video game based upon your choices. That means the characters in the stories will definitely function as per the option you have given them to take action. Because this is a likeness game, Episode Choose Your Story gives you a possibility to "Live" those stories by presuming "You" as a personality in these stories. Every story has its one-of-a-kind personalities and you need to personalize your personality for every new story you participate in. The choices you create in the video game is going to straight perform on the in-story condition; that suggests you are actually surely ruling the story as per your decisions, website.

The Function of Gems and Passes in the Video game

Gems and Passes are actually the in-game unit of currency of this particular game. Our company require them to move-on in the game.


Gems are used to make certain choices which are very important but effective in the stories. These selections or even choices are actually really important as they may deliver your story along with joy and happiness or they may even spoiled it in a single option. This is actually the reason why these choices are actually paid out ones and our team need to have to devote particular amount of Gems if you want to choose that particular option.

Gems are actually likewise used to open a variety of stories for you. You can likewise use gems to personalize your character in the story along with eye-catching attire and body system appearance.


Passes are actually nothing but your ticket to read/play the chapters of the episode. To review one section in the video game, you need to have one pass. The section is a set of story episodes from start to the end.

There are a variety of legitimate methods to receive these gems and passes for cost-free in your account and keep continuing your stories in the video game. Permit our team check out exactly how to break out gems and masquerades episode choose your story game, Home Page.

Create Your Very Own Stories & Make Money From Episode:

Did you recognize, the various other option for organizing your own money to acquire passes and gems is to become an author in episode family and obtain a chance to gain some genuine money on your own.

Yes, you may additionally compose some exciting stories and obtain published it on the video game comfortably. Just start composing your personal stories using Episodes Mobile Inventor and after writing number of episodes, transmit your story to the activities Article writer Gateway Website for small renovations and last permission.

As soon as your stories are authorized, they are instantaneously released on the video game app. However, there are actually specific conditions to end up being a paid out author at Episode, those are:

You must go to least 13 year old to start your composing with episode.
You have to be at minimum 18 year old to get paid for your stories.
You must have your own personal computer or even laptop pc along with web relationship to compose your stories.
A mobile phone for the screening of your stories.

Command Your Emotional states-- It's an Activity
Our experts should not fail to remember that nevertheless it is actually an activity and our experts are involving in the characters of the virtual video game and not with the genuine personalities of your life. Since the majority of the video game individuals are listed below the ordinary age of 25, the emotions and looks they have experienced in the stories are actually in some cases heartbreaking and mood switching.

It is strongly recommended that you ought to control on your own from obtaining associated with the circumstance of the game in any type of cost. Nothing is actually more important than your individual lifestyle.

The game has actually likewise devoted a certain aspect of its support part to Protection Issues. Do not overlook to read this area first.

Final Terms
Today we have actually learned the genuine episode hack and cheats to get free gems and passes in the video game. There are actually great deals of real and legit techniques our company have explained to get cost-free sources for your account promptly.