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Also some of Rhodes's more historic monuments were renovated and reconstructed to supply points of interest for the tourists. A way of measuring the popularity of Rhodes is the fact that now almost 2 million people come to the island, If you loved this report and you would like to get additional data about more tips here kindly take a look at the web site. by air or by cruise liner every year. Once Rhodes was returned to the Greeks in 1948 its new free of tax status encouraged a lot more visitors, including many Greeks from the mainland.

Tourism first became a focus for Rhodes for as long ago as the 1920's when the ruling Italians commissioned the building of a grand hotel which took three years to create and opened in 1927 under the name of the Grande Albergo delle Rose, the Grand Hotel of Roses. Further hotels were built and Rhodes' place on the tourism map was established. As Greek islands go, Rhodes is probably the larger, measuring around 45 miles to south and 20 miles across north.

Some social people claim that the island can boast over 300 days of sunshine each year, so you would have to be very unlucky to have a wet, overcast stick to Rhodes. Those that search for a little cultural interest may also find plenty to see on Rhodes, with the Knights of St John having left a rich legacy of architecture and tradition following their ruling of the island for almost 200 years in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Air travel brought another big step up in tourist volumes in the 1960's as charter flights brought travellers from countries such as the UK and today a wealth of top quality hotels and two airports mean tourism continues to be a major contributor to the island's commercial interests.

This is an ideal place for a lazy lunch after a refreshing swim. The ruins of the settlement at the natural harbour of Aghios Georgios are reasonably well preserved and the footprints of houses and fortifications can be clearly identified. The bay itself is an excellent stopping point for day and yachts cruises, being almost completely protected with a narrow inlet offering a protective haven.

The Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans all used the natural harbour and easy lookout locations the island provides. For anybody that wants a Greek Island holiday with almost zero stress then Chalki may just be the ideal choice. Chalki is a much bigger island but only includes a few hundred residents due to its barren nature.

You can lie on the beach, swim in the clear blue sea or go for a walk along the stony tracks, but that's almost all as there are no real roads or vehicles on the island. Over the next years improvements to the island's infrastructure were carried out with more modern roads and improved harbours increasing the convenience of making your way around the island. Alimia can be an interesting place to visit because although there are no permanent residents on the island nowadays, it had been once a settlement for the Italian military through the Second World War and has been used as a strategic base in the last conflicts too.

It is not suitable for farming crops, although sheep and goats do graze on the rocky hillsides. Fresh water needs to be shipped in by boat. Fortunately little changes on Rhodes now so perfect holidays there look set to be accessible for many years to come. In every Rhodes and these two islands provide a wealth of choices and combine to satisfy the most discerning tourist.

Sandy beaches are few and far between on Chalki too, there's only one really, but it's big enough for the few individuals who come to the island. The new and impressive hotel took its name from the rose gardens found in its grounds.