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Episode Choose Your Story is a mobile video game, based upon your Choices. You may read/play a story with the aid of your individualized personality (as on your own in the story). It is actually more probable a simulation game based on your choices. That indicates the personalities in the stories are going to act as per the selection you have given them to act. Since this is a likeness video game, Episode Choose Your Story offers you a chance to "Live" those stories through thinking "You" as a personality in these stories. Every story has its unique personalities and you require to individualize your personality for each new story you participate in. The choices you make in the video game is going to directly impact on the in-story condition; that suggests you are actually definitely concluding the story based on your selections, Discover More Here.

The Task of Gems and Comes On the Video game

Gems and Passes are actually the in-game currency of this game. We require all of them in order to move-on in the game.


Gems are actually used to ensure choices which are very important however efficient in the stories. These selections or even choices are incredibly essential as they can easily bring your story with contentment or even they may also ruined it in a singular selection. This is the reason these choices are spent ones and our experts need to have to invest particular quantity of Gems in order to choose that particular option.

Gems are actually likewise used to unlock various stories for you. You can likewise use gems to individualize your character in the story with desirable clothing and body appeal.


Passes are actually only your ticket to read/play the chapters of the episode. To read one chapter in the game, you need one pass. The chapter is a collection of story episodes coming from start to the end.

There are different bona fide techniques to get these gems and masquerades totally free in your profile and maintain proceeding your stories in the video game. Allow our company browse through exactly how to break out gems and masquerades episode choose your story video game, more info.

Create Your Own Stories & Earn Money Coming From Episode:

Performed you recognize, the other possibility for organizing your personal money to buy passes and gems is to become a writer in episode loved ones and obtain a possibility to make some true funds on your own.

Yes, you can easily additionally compose some interesting stories and acquire published it on the video game comfortably. Only start creating your very own stories utilizing Episodes Mobile Producer and after writing couple of episodes, transfer your story to the video games Author Site Internet site for minor improvements and ultimate confirmation.

As soon as your stories are actually permitted, they are immediately released on the game app. Nevertheless, there are actually particular terms and condition to end up being a paid article writer at Episode, those are:

You need to go to minimum 13 years of age to begin your composing along with episode.
You must be at minimum 18 year old to get paid for your stories.
You must have your personal pc or even laptop with world wide web hookup to compose your stories.
A cell phone for the screening of your stories.

Command Your Emotions-- It is actually a Video game
We need to certainly not neglect that besides it's a game and our team are actually associating with the personalities of the virtual video game and not with the real characters of your lifestyle. Due to the fact that a lot of the game users are actually listed below the common grow older of 25, the feelings and expressions they have experienced in the stories are actually in some cases tragic and mood switching.

It is definitely suggested that you ought to handle your own self coming from getting involved in the condition of the video game in any price. Nothing at all is actually more crucial than your individual lifestyle.

The video game has actually likewise dedicated a certain portion of its own support segment to Safety Concerns. Do not fail to remember to read this part first.

Last Words
Today our company have learned the true episode hack and cheats to get free gems and passes in the video game. There are actually considerable amounts of true and bona fide means our team have actually described to get cost-free information for your account instantly.