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Women could own property and hold leadership positions and were even "head of the lineage" in their families. There was much more equality between the sexes than most anywhere else at that time. However, most of the strenuous physical labor was the responsibility of the males.

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canada goose outlet Contour feathers are large feathers that give the bird its shape. Down feathers are very small feathers. Semiplume feathers are intermediate in size between contour and down. After some initial scepticism, the Air Force accepted Wallis's bouncing bomb (codenamed Upkeep) for attacks on the Mhne, Eder and Sorpe dams in the Ruhr area. The raid on these dams in May 1943 (Operation Chastise) was immortalised in Paul Brickhill's 1951 book The Dam Busters and the 1955 film of the same name. The Mhne and Eder dams were successfully breached, causing damage to German factories and disrupting hydro electric power.. canada goose outlet

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